1.) First go to the start button.
2.) Find "Run" (Windows XP) or in "Search Programs and Files" (in Widows Vista/7).
3.) Type CMD.
4.) Now you have a Command Prompt window opened, type ipconfig/all in the window.

Westell 7500 Ip Address

5.) You should now see alot of data that is displayed in the CMD window, search the following line:
Default Gateway............... : (Your Address is here)
Usually the IP Address is :

How to connect to the Westell 7500 Ip Address

Westell 7500 Ip AddressNow if you want to connect to the Westell 7500 you can use Chrome (I prefer because it's the best browser ever) or you can also use Internet Explorer :

1.) Open your prefered browser.
2.) Fill your IP adress in the adress bar.
3.) Hit enter

If you got your ip adress correctly you are now in your router..

How to change the password - Westell 7500

After you logged into the router you can change the default password:
1.) Go to User Setting
2.) Type your administrator User Name and Password in the fields provided.
3.) Hit Apply
4.) Hit OK
Now you changed your password and you are more secure.

The guide on how to find out your router's IP can be used on any other device/brand because this is how this work and also this is how a laptop or another device connects.
I hope you found this guide useful and maybe you will forward it to your friends or maybe write a blog post about this article or use facebook, google+ or other networking connections to show this article to the world.