Westell 7500 is a Verizon DSL Wirless Modem/Router and on this blog you can find usefull information about how to use/configure it.
This device is a a DSL modem but also a wireless router this makes it really fun to work and own because you get a 2 in 1 device. At 3 pounds this is not a really havy weight in his category. Westell 7500 offers effective, highspeed, access to the internet in your pre-existing smaller workplace line and is also effective at data files levels numerous times quicker than the usual standard analogue cable box. However in contrast to analogue cable box modems, the Gateway enables you to utilize the exact same line for parallel phone/fax calls as well as highspeed Access to the internet, removing the requirement of devoted telephone lines to get phone and also internet requirements. Furthermore, the Gateway facilitates many different networking connections like Wifi 802.11b/g, ADSL, LAN and Universal serial bus.

Westell 7500

I'm a also a Verizon client that many years back never ever "proclaimed" the name Verizon with no "bad word"  before it all. Recently my personal expertise has got improved hugely, as well as my own brand new Westell 7500 cable box and  wifi wireless router is really a great example. I'd personally been utilizing my personal outdated router for many years, plus coverage had been poor also problematic by my standing on a "edge" in the regional network'. Having a long wait in advance for support, I asked for a brand new cable box and got this particular one. Installing the device on my Win Vista pc walked easily, and I also could rapidly set up our own wifi pcs to find the signal likewise. 

Westell 7500 Works For Me

Westell 7500
My personal computer is actually in the 2nd floor in our home, as well as my partner's pc is incorporated in the cellar, exactly where a few mobile phone signals go useless, however he's didn't have difficulty receiving this signal. We've simply didn't have difficulties in any way with this particular modem, and also my own DSL service is right now a thousand times quicker as well as more powerful compared to.. well, before. I just punch me personally just for holding out such a long time. 

I will include that I am absolutely no master using computer systems. Verizon wireless DSL provides reduced me personally to crying (virtually) more often than once previously. Yet this particular modem provides me personally assurance that I will be keeping a lot on tears down the road. 
Personally I think I must pay back this particular evaluation to help Verizon wireless following the many years of loathing I have presented to all of them.